Borrowdale Housing Need Survey (2004)

The Survey

We posted out 212 survey forms to the parishioners of Borrowdale (100%). 48 households returned their completed forms, and 18 of these responded, saying that either the whole household or someone living in the household needs to move within the next 5 years. This will be analysed further in the conclusion to this report. This is a return rate of 22.64%.

Of the returned forms, 37.50% of households made a positive response to the question of whether they have a need for local housing now or in the near future. In Cumbria since 2003 on average 16.40% of returned survey forms have identified a local housing need.

This brief report details the information derived from these 18 survey responses who expressed a need. None of the households are on the Local Authority or Housing Association register or waiting list.

Housing Need

1. Of the 18 households indicating a housing need, we consider that 9 are in need of affordable housing within the Borrowdale Parish area.

3 within the next 2 years
4 between 2 to 5 years from now
2 in 5 or more years
We consider that the remaining 9 can afford open market housing.

2. The current household types of these 9 are:

Household less than 2 years 2 to 5 years More than 5 Years
all retired     1 
dependant children  3 2 1 

working/seeking work    2  
Of these the number which include at least one person over the age of 65 are:
  0 0 0


3. The required property types indicated by responses from these 9 are:

Housing Requirement less than 2 years 2 to 5 years More than 5 Years
4 bedroom house     1
3 bedroom house 2 1 2
2 bedroom flat/maisonette/apartment      1
2 bedroom bungalow     1
2 bedroom house     1


4. The total weekly income of the 9 households with a housing need are:

Total Weekly Income less than 2 years 2 to 5 years More than 5 Years
Not Sure 1   1
£289 - £384.99   1 3
£193 - £288.99 1   1
£95 - £192.99 1    
No Response     2



Of the 9 who expressed a need for affordable housing 2 stated that they needed to set up new households but gave no income details , 2 expressed a need for sheltered housing, 2 would like to buy on the open market but would need to rent or shared ownership and the remaining 3 need to rent.


Based on the above it is suggested that there is a need for 2 x 2 bed bungalows to rent and 2 x 2 bed flats for rent or shared ownership and 2 x 3 bed family houses for rent or shared ownership.


Download this file (Borrowdale HNS 04 Adobe.pdf)Borrowdale HNS 04 Adobe.pdf[ ]13380 kB