Glenridding of Patterdale Parish - Sept 2005



For complete details of the completed Glenridding 2005 Patterdale Parish Housing Needs Survey open the Adobe PDF document - located at the bottom of this page.


The Survey

We posted out 235 survey forms to the parishioners of Glenridding (100%). 51 households returned their completed forms; this is a return rate of 21.7%, which is below the average 27.20% return rate for this type of survey in Cumbria since 2003.

Of the returned forms, 8, 15.69 % of households made a positive response to the question of whether they have a need for local housing now or in the near future.  In Cumbria since 2003 on average 18.52% of returned survey forms have identified a local housing need.

This brief report details the information derived from these 8 survey responses who expressed a need.  Three of the households are registered with the Local Authority for re-­housing. Two of the households are registered with a local Housing Association for re-­housing.  None of the households are registered with another Private Landlord for re-­housing.


Household label information was provided by the GIS from Eden District Council.

The survey was posted to all households in Glenridding, Grisedale and Glencoyne, ie 100%, and will include second homes and holiday homes.  Posters advertising the survey were distributed by the Parish Clerk.