Askham & Helton Housing Need Survey - Feb 2006

For complete details of the Askham & Helton Parish Housing Needs Survey open the Adobe PDF document - located at the bottom of this page.  


The Survey

184 survey forms were delivered by hand to the parishioners of Askham and Helton (100%). 71 households returned their completed forms. This is a return rate of 38.59% which is above the average 27.20% return rate for this type of survey in Cumbria since 2003. The national average is 35%.


Of the returned forms, 23 (32.39%) responded, saying that either the whole household or someone living in the household needs to move, within the parish, in the next 5 years. This will be analysed further in the conclusion to this report. In Cumbria since 2003 on average 18.53% of returned survey forms have identified a local housing need.


This brief report details the information derived from these 23 survey responses who expressed a need. 10 of the households are on the Local Authority or Housing Association register or

waiting list.




Survey forms were distributed by hand, with a form being delivered to every house in the Askham and Helton parish, including second homes and holiday homes, ie 100% distribution.  A return envelope was provided.   (These households are in the post code sector CA10 2.)


The survey was publicised on local notice boards, and was mentioned in the local Askham and Helton Newsletter (Jan – March 06 issue).