Caldbeck (Dec 2004) - Reformatted

We recently reanalysed the results of the Caldbeck Survey 2004, due to some anomalies in the original survey.


Caldbeck HNS 2004 – Reformatted Nov 2006 - Notes


I just used the 19 responses that had been identified in the original survey. However, it had been stated in the report that the other 20 responses who had completed the Part 2 and judged themselves in need had been thought to be able to buy on the open market, and we now think that many of those households are unlikely to be able to buy on the open market due to the very steep increase in prices over the last 2 years.

Some of the need may have been filled by the recent development of homes in Caldbeck.

As the CRHT survey forms did not have ‘what saving/assets do you have’ questions included, it is difficult to assess the Affordability Potential of the households, so in some cases we have had to use the level of income and knowledge of the job/age/situation to assess what mortgage they could afford.

I have used the present day levels of house prices ( £175,000) to roughly estimate who could afford SO/SE at 50% and 25%.

Judith M Derbyshire 17/11/06