Crosby Ravensworth Housing Need Survey 2008

The Survey

275 survey forms were delivered by hand to the parishioners and businesses of Crosby Ravensworth (100%). The survey was delivered with the Community Plan questionnaire by local volunteers. 149 households returned their completed forms for the housing survey.  This is a return rate of 54.18% which is well above the average 30.74% return rate for this type of survey in Cumbria since 2003.  The national average is 35%.Of the returned forms, 35 (23.49%) responded, saying that either the whole household or someone living in the household needs to move, within the parish, in the next 5 years.  This will be analysed further in the conclusion to this report.  In Cumbria since 2003 on average 17.83% of returned survey forms, completed by Cumbria Rural Housing Trust, have identified a local housing need.This brief report details the information derived from these 35 survey responses who expressed a need.  None of the households are on the Local Authority or Housing Association register or waiting list.

Housing Need.

Of the 35 households indicating a housing need, we consider that 23 are in need of affordable housing within the Crosby Ravensworth Parish area.                                             

4     Now                                            

3     Within 12 months                                            

4     Within 3 years                                          

12     Within 5 years 

We consider that 11 households do not fit the criteria of being in need of affordable housing. 1 further household is in need but states another parish as a first preference.