Levens Housing Need Survey 2008

Levens Parish Housing Needs Survey April 2008
Key Findings
The Survey

576 survey forms were delivered by hand to the households and businesses of the parish of Levens (100%), with a return date of 25th April 2008.  217 households returned their completed forms.   This is a return rate of 37.67%, which is well above the average 28.91% return rate for this type of survey in Cumbria since 2003, and above the national average of 35%. The 2001 Census information for Levens shows a small number of second homes or holiday homes in the area: 5.13%. This amount is likely to have increased in the past seven years, and these households are unlikely to respond to the survey. Therefore, the response rate of 37.67 is very good.

Of the returned forms, 27 (12.4%) responded, saying that either the whole household or someone living within the household needed to move, within the parish, in the next 5 years.  This will be analysed further in this report. According to surveys completed by Cumbria Rural Housing Trust since 2003, an average of 19.41% of completed forms identified a local housing need.
 This report details the information derived from the 27 survey responses who expressed a need. Two households stated that they were registered on the Local Authority and/or a Housing Association waiting list.  
Housing Need

Of the 27 survey responses, we consider twelve households would be in need of affordable housing within the area of the parish of Levens. A breakdown of these twelve is as follows. 

  2        Now
        Within 12 months
 3        Within 3 years
Within 5 years
Of the remaining fifteen, three would be considered in need of affordable housing, but outside the parish – stating another area as being their preferred place to live. We consider that the remaining twelve do not fit the criteria of being in need of affordable housing in the parish.

The current household types of the twelve households in housing need are:

< 12 months
< 3 years
< 5 years
Adult children family
Young children family
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