Duddon Parish Housing Need Survey 2009

Duddon Parish Housing Needs Survey July 2009


In July 2009, Cumbria Rural Housing Trust was commissioned by Lake District National Park Authority, with the support of Duddon Parish Council, to conduct a Housing Needs Survey in the parish of Duddon (incorporating Dunnerdale with Seathwaite, Angerton and Broughton West Parishes), with the purpose of identifying the need for affordable housing. This report details the information derived from the survey.

The survey work undertaken at a local level provides information for Parish Councils/Meetings regarding the housing needs of their community and is essential evidence for the Lake District National Park Authority, South Lakeland District Council, Registered Social Landlords and developers to establish if there is a need for affordable housing.

Copies of the survey are distributed to the Parish Council, the Lake District National Park Authority, and South Lakeland District Council and are placed on the Cumbria Rural Housing Trust website, www.crht.org.uk.

The Survey

608 survey forms were delivered by post to the households and businesses of the parish of Duddon (100%), with a return date of 13 July 2009.  163 households returned their completed forms.   This is a return rate of 26.81% which is below the average of 36.64% return rate for this type of survey in Cumbria since the beginning of 2006, and below the national average of 35%. This may have been affected by the fairly high level of non-main residences in the parish (= 11.74% in the 2001 census, and 22.2% from the 2006 Council Tax figures).

Of the returned forms, there were 34 (20.99%) forms returned, saying that either the whole household or someone living within the household needed to move within the parish in the next 5 years. One form contained two potential households, making a total of 35 households (21.60%) deeming themselves to be in housing need. According to surveys completed by Cumbria Rural Housing Trust since 2003, an average of 18.44% of completed forms identified a local housing need.


This report details the information derived from these 35 potential households who felt that they were in need of affordable housing in the parish, or would be in the near future. See Appendix 1 of this report for the LDNPA criteria used to determine whether a household is in need (as opposed to expressing a desire to move).


Housing Need

Of the thirty-five survey responses, we consider that nine households would be in need of affordable housing within the next five years in the parish of Duddon. A breakdown of these is as follows:-

0         Within 12 months
Within 3 years
2         Within 5 years


Two other respondents were in need of local housing, rather than affordable housing. We consider that the remaining twenty-four do not fit the criteria of being in need of affordable housing in the parish.

The current household types of these nine in housing need are:

Household                                 Now     <12 mths   <3 years  <5 years
Adult children family                   -                  -               5              1
Couple                                         -                  -               1               -
Single                                          -                  -               -               1
Young children family                 -                  -               1               -


Three households stated that they were currently registered on the Local Authority and/or a Housing Association or other waiting list.


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