Asby Parish Housing Needs Survey 2010

Asby Parish Housing Needs Survey March 2010



In March 2010 Cumbria Rural Housing Trust, commissioned by Eden District Council and supported by Appleby Town Council and the Heart of Eden Community Plan, conducted a Housing Needs Survey in Asby Parish.   The survey followed the launch of the Heart of Eden Community Plan and was distributed with a copy of the Executive Summary.  The purpose of the survey was to identify the need for affordable housing and to fulfil one of the action plans laid out in the Community Plan.  This report details the information derived from the survey responses.   


The survey work undertaken at local level provides information for Parish Councils/Meetings regarding the housing needs of their community and is essential evidence for Eden District Council, Planners, Registered Social Landlords and developers to establish if there is a need for affordable housing. 


Copies of the findings of the survey are distributed to Asby Parish Council, Eden District Council, and are placed on the Cumbria Rural Housing Trust web site. 

The Survey


171 survey forms were delivered by post to the households (168) and businesses (3) within the parish of Asby (100%), with a return date of 29th March 2010.  53 households returned their completed forms, no business surveys were returned.   This is a total return rate of 30.99% which is just above the current average 30% return rate for this type of survey in Cumbria.  Cumbria Rural Housing Trust expresses its thanks to the Heart of Eden Community Plan Group, the Parish Council and others in the community for their work to promote the survey.


Of the returned forms, there were 7 (13.2%) responses, saying that either the whole household or someone living within the household wished to move within the parish in the next 5 years.


See Appendix 1 for the criteria used to determine whether a household is in need.


Housing Need

Of these 7 survey responses indicating a housing need, some had a multiple need giving 10 in total.   It is considered that none of the households were deemed to fit Eden District Council’s criteria for being in need of affordable housing within the parish in the next 5 years.


None of the households stated that they were registered on the Local Authority and/or a Housing Association or other waiting list.



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