Colton Housing Needs Survey 2012

The Survey

458 survey forms were delivered by post to all the dwellings (including second homes and holiday lets) and businesses within the Colton parish (100%), with a return date of 16th April 2012. 

116 households returned their completed forms.  This is a return rate of 25.3% which is below the average of 30% return rate for this type of survey in Cumbria since 2006, which is likely to have been influenced by the high level of non-main residences in Colton Parish (assessed by the South Lakeland Council Tax records as around 32%). 6 of the responses were from second homes or holiday lets.  

Of the returned forms there were 9 responses, saying that either the whole household or someone living within the household, wished to move within the parish in the next 5 years. Some of these responses had multiple needs, so the overall number of households assessed was 12. See


Housing Need

Of the 12 existing or future households indicating a housing need, 7 households were identified as in need of affordable housing in Colton Parish within next 5 years.

Housing Need


Within 12 months

Within 3 years

Within 5 years


Adult Child- First independent home






Family with adult children (over 18)


















Family with young children (under 18)

























It is considered that the remaining 5 responses did not fit the Lake District National Park’s criteria for being in need of affordable within the ward in the next 5 years.

2 of these households were in need of 2-bedroom bungalows as they need to downsize into small properties. They did not require affordable housing due to their large assets in their present properties, but they may be in need of local housing.

2 households wanting to satisfy their need by conversion of buildings which they appeared to have access to, so they may be eligible for local housing – 2-bedroom properties.

There were 2 possible emergent households from 1 response who may be in need of affordable housing in the next 5 years, but insufficient information had been given in the response to be able to assess their need.

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