Burgh by Sands Housing Need Survey (2004)

The average price for a house in Burgh by Sands, (CA5 postcode area), from October 2003 to December 2003, was £145,378. This compares with an overall price for Cumbria as a whole for the same period, which was £121,773. However, it should be noted that since December 2003 there has been considerable movement in the housing market, nationally and locally, in Carlisle and Burgh by Sands.  It is therefore likely that both the above figures will have risen (perhaps by about £10,000 and £5,000 respectively).

The survey response rate for the parish as a whole was 42.4%, considerably higher than the average of 35% return rate for this type of survey.

Most respondents in our survey (85.8%) are homeowners. Nine out of the 198 households returning Part One of the form are currently renting from either a Housing Association or the local authority, 8 were renting from a private landlord, 1 was living in a caravan, 1 living with parents, 3 living in houses tied to job, 3 unknown.  These facts need to be included in any considerations for future housing aspirations and priorities for development in the parish, particularly for affordable housing.

We contrasted the population profile from the Local Profile for Burgh by Sands with Cumbria as a whole. The typical ‘beehive’ shape of a healthy population is reflected in the Cumbrian profile, and in the Burgh by Sands profile it is evident that there is a higher proportion of the 0-14 age bracket and the 30-49 age groups. There is a slight deficit in the 25-29 age bracket, and again in the over 70s. This indicates that Burgh by Sands is less of a place to retire to and more of a place for families with young children to grow up.

Twenty Nine households returned Part Two forms, indicating that they considered themselves to be in housing need within the parish. Of these, twenty one were homeowners.  Of the twenty nine who have expressed a need for housing, twenty six have indicated they would require alternative housing within 5 years.

Although we would normally expect the majority of homeowners to possess sufficient equity in their current home to remain within the housing market and this seems to be the case, there is an identified need for downsizing by some older/retired homeowners or those whose children have/are, left/leaving home.  Of the remaining nine, two renting from the Local Authority, stated that they would prefer to buy, and of the four renting from private landlords, three stated that they would prefer to buy, while one would prefer to rent.

Households in Housing Association/Local Authority homes, unless particular individual circumstances dictate otherwise, should be in a secure tenancy and so would not be considered to be in urgent housing need. This is the case for two of the households replying in this survey.

Three households have a young adult wishing to set up their first independent home within the next five years.  In addition, the identified issue of downsizing needs to be considered.  Although the numbers may be relatively small perhaps, affecting 5 to 8 households currently and perhaps a further 6 over a five year period, innovative approaches need to be investigated to enable release of family accommodation to meet local need.

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