Farlam (2004)

The Survey

We posted out 290 survey forms to the parishioners of Farlam.  76 households returned their completed Part One, and 11 of these also completed Part Two, illustrating that they consider that they have a housing need, this is analysed further below.  This is a return rate of 26.21% of the returned forms, 14.47% of households made a positive response to the question of whether they have a need for local housing now or in the near future.  In Cumbria since 2003 on average 15.94% of returned survey forms have identified a local housing need.

This brief report details the information derived from these 11 Part Two forms.  1 of the households is registered with the Local Authority for re-housing.  None of the households are registered with a local Housing Association for re-housing.  None of the households are registered with another Private Landlord for re-housing.

Housing Need

1.  Of the 11 households indicating a housing need, we consider that 5 are in need of affordable housing within the Farlam Parish area.  We consider that the remaining 6 can afford open market housing.

0 Within 12 months
1 Within 3 years
4 Within 5 years

2.  The current household types of these 5 are:

Household Within 12 Months   Within 3 Years Within 5 Years
Couple    1 2
Family, adult children     1
Family, young children      
Single     1
Of these the number which include at least one person over the age of 60 are:
  0 1 2

3.  The required property types and tenure indicated by responses from these 5 are:


  2 households would prefer to buy and 3 would prefer to rent

 4.  The total weekly incomes of the 5 households expressing a housing need are:



Of the 5 who need affordable housing 4 would need rented accommodation,  1 can afford shared ownership.  Carlisle City Council and  Registered Social Landlords  have no housing stock in the Farlam area.


Based on the above it is suggested that there is a need for a small development of approximately two 3 bed family houses  and two 2 bedroom bungalows for rent.   One household has expressed an interest in shared ownership therefore the houses ought to be flexible and available for either rent or shared ownership.